On June 2018, a new University was successfully integrated in Voyage Platform that is now composed by a network of 4 Vietnamese Universities!

The new University in the Consortium is the Hanoi University of Home Affairs. 

Founded in 1971 and spending many phases of its development, Hanoi University of Home Affairs (hereinafter HUHA) is a public university, directly under the management of Ministry of Home Affairs. HUHA has main functions of training and offering refresher courses for human resources of high quality at tertiary and post-tertiary level in such fields as State Management, Public Administration, Human Resource Management, and Archives & Records.

In the University Strategic Development Plan towards 2030, HUHA aims to fufill its missions: To offer good opportunities to every student to meet a various learning demand with muti-level and multi-disciplinary training forms; and to provide sufficient human resources for the public sector and for the society as a whole.

The University webpage is available at:

The joining of the Hanoi University of Home affairs is an important achievement for the Voyage Project, a sign of interest towards the web platform and a new opportunity for the graduates' insertion in Vietnamese labour market and for the Vietnamese companies to hire qualified graduates in state management, administration  and human resources fields. 

The integration of the University was technically done by the IT staff of the HANU University, hosting the Voyage Platform in Vietnam.