Work Package 2: Training and Capacity building

(WP. Leader -Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology-PTIT)

The set up of the platform implies Know how and skill transfer to local staff (administrative staff/IT staff/researchers) and the setting up of collaborative relationship with key officials are a major result of the project.  Training is  held at different level:


Administrative staff: Ad hoc training will provide administrative staff and secretariats with basic tools and competences on data collection, management and information dissemination towards students and graduates. Student offices/secretariats are thus trained to manage and develop the Voyage system and to guarantee system sustainability beyond project life.  Training also allows administrative staff to become the most powerful channel of dissemination among students (or graduating students) for project purposes and benefits.  IT staff is trained on main issues concerning system development and provided with competence and tools aimed at further managing and developing the system locally once the migration process from AlmaLaurea premises to Vietnam is completed. Two training seminars are also devoted to academics: professors, researchers, scholars belonging to Vietnamese partner universities are involved on the issue of strategies and methodologies to be followed in order to exploit the database information, to take advantage of it for the education of policy makers and to promote a culture of "Internal Quality Assurance" in the Vietnamese academic environment. The generation of innovative and update sources of information and the assessment of national higher education policies implies a thorough involvement if teachers/researchers and Policy makers.




Work Package 2. –Deliverables

  • 2.1. Students’ secretariats staff training
  • 2.2. IT Staff Training
  • 2.3. Researchers and Scholars capacity sharing and transfer
  • 2.4  Research Training follow up