Sustainability Plan to be Signed by Voyage Consortium

The Sustainability Plan and Future Strategy of the 561656 VOYAGE Project will be signed soon by the Consortium members on the occasion of the forthcoming Project meeting to be hosted by the University of Padua on April 9-14. 

The plan, as a part of a whole report, details:

-the Future Perspectives of Sustainability of the VOYAGE system

-the  Project Consortium Decision for platform maintenance and functioning beyond project completion,

-the Distribution of tasks according to Consortium Member

-the Sustainability Strategy of the Voyage Consortium

- the Simulation of Sustainability Budget of VOYAGE Consortium

-the Contribution of the 561656 Project European Partners to Voyage Project Sustainability


In the Steering Committee meeting held in Hanoi at Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology (PTIT), on November 7 2016, the issue of 561656 project sustainability was discussed in presence of the Vietnamese Project Consortium members. The beneficiary Universities of HANU, NUAE, PTIT and Hanoi Industrial Export Processing Zones Authority - Center for Enterprise Support and Services (HIZA-CES) agreed to centralize the 561656 Voyage Platform at HANU University. The aforementioned partners signed the Sustainability –Memorandum of Understanding for platform hosting on November 29, 2016. 

The 561656 project plays an important role in monitoring the higher education system in Vietnam and in creating job opportunities for the Vietnamese graduated students. Thanks to the project the beneficiaries are endowed for the first time with a tool (Voyage Platform) conceived at the scope. The sustainability strategy implies for its implementation period the commitment of the Consortium Members to accomplish the actions required for VOYAGE Project management and the strength of the Vietnamese Consortium to improve the participation of new stakeholders in joining the platform.

The strategy aims at increasing the number of the universities joining the platform also from other regions of the country together with the number of companies, with a preference towards the enrichment of the different economic sectors represented by the registered firms.