Work Package 1: Vietnamese Graduates Database Implementation

(WP. Leader AlmaLaurea)

Work Package 1 relates to the set-up and implementation of the Vietnamese Graduates database, which is the milestone of the project. The system is based on the “graduate’s record” that, at local level, are already available for each University for administrative purposes (personal data, students career, degree, other specializations, information of the family of origin, etc.). These records can be enriched with additional data and information provided directly by the students near to graduation. The questionnaire to be filled in by the graduates gives value added to the static university administrative records by providing information on academic career, work experiences, skills acquired, future plans and expectations, etc. Thus a dynamic graduates’ records set will  be generated thanks to the Voyage Project, representing the raw material on which, build up services to the different system stakeholders (University managers and policy makers, enterprises and recruiters at large, graduates in search of more qualified jobs etc.) and run statistical analysis (survey on the Armenian Graduates’ Profile). At any time after graduation by means of a secure identification system (username and password), graduates have the opportunity to modify their personal data, to keep personal data updated with further career and training and acquired personal competences.

Work Package 1. –Deliverables

  • 1.1. Data collection and planning
  • 1.2. Database development (Phase 1) -Set up of online services for graduates
  • 1.3. Database population and management (continuous activity)
  • 1.4  Database development (Phase 2) -Set up of recruitment services

1.5. Database Tuning (continuous activity)