The Voyage Project meeting took place in Hanoi, at Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology, from November 7-11 2016. The meeting opened with the PLENARY SESSION, an institutional moment aimed at welcome the participants and thought as a dissemination session of the Voyage Project. 48 participants attended the meeting, representatives from all project partners’ Consortium. The Rectors of Voyage Universities and HIZA-CES Director underlined, in the opening remarks, the relevance of the Project for the beneficiary organizations and for the whole Higher Education and Labour Market system in Vietnam, in accordance with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education Plan. A specific focus on sustainability addressed the issue of Platform Centralization in Vietnam (on a hub and spoke model) as milestone for future sustainability of the Project. 

Then, the meeting was organized in parallel sessions: the IT AND SECRETARIATS’ STAFF TRAINING aimed at transfer to the local staff of PTIT HANU NUAE and HIZA-CES the tools to manage the Voyage Platform locally. The MANAGEMENT MEETING was intended to cover all technical aspects related to the Project, to assess the project state of art according to WPs and deliverables, including the financial issues.  Among the main contents of the meeting: the presentation of the Voyage Platform, now ready for Company registration, the dissemination plan for company registration and strategies for improving students’ response rates to online questionnaire, the platform best configuration for the future sustainability in Vietnam. The assessment of quality of the first years of project implementation was also carried out with very positive outcomes.


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