Voyage-Target groups

The Voyage project envisages the following beneficiaries:


 Governing bodies of Higher Education and Labour

  • Regular provision of effective, efficient and transparent indicators  and documentation for monitoring needs, budget share allocation, evaluation of universities performance, observation of continuing education programmes

Partner Universities

  • Obtain reliable, timely and regularly updated statistical data useful for improving educational programmes
  • Have documentary evidence for all decisional processes and activity planning
  • Get a comprehensive system of information for the assessment of both internal and external efficiency
  • Facilitate the placement of graduates in labour markets


Vietnamese Graduates/Graduands

  • Free of charge get and use of placement services
  • Easy access to information on job/internship opportunities
  • Improve career guidance and placement opportunities
  • Certification of academic career
  • Democratic and qualified access to labour market


Firms and Local business

  • Availability of CV regularly updated by graduates
  • CV search facilities for human resource selection and recruitment purposes
  • Exploitation of DB information for long term actions in favor of students employability
  • Possibility to check and compare profiles of graduates to hire

Society at large:

  • Facilitate the access to the labour market of the University graduates in vietnam and to increase their employability chances.
  • Enhance links between University, Economy and Society overcoming fragmentation.
  • Improve competition, productivity and local development in the targeted countries.
  • Promote safe and regulated channels for labour migration of the skilled (intra and international recruitment of workers).
  • Increase social mobility and inclusion dynamics.