Voyage Project: Objectives

The project aims at establish in Vietnam an integrated demand supply matching model based on the graduates’ database (on the model developed in Italy) designed for:

  • collect and analyze data on university and graduates performances

(providing reliable, continuous and  updated  documentation for assessing the HE system at support of the ongoing reform process)

  • facilitate the university-enterprise cooperation

(IT based online services are developed and made available to both graduates, and university staff and firms)

  • facilitate the placement of graduates in the labour market  

(ensuring a better match between education and employment).

  • develop monitoring tools for university enterprise cooperation
  • improve internal and external efficiency of the higher education system

The project envisage the following Specific Objectives:

  • Implement the Vietnamese database of university graduates: the database is conceived as a dynamic one as different sources of information are stored in it (questionnaire data by the graduands for the assessment of the university experience, administrative data by the university for certify academic career and CVs continuously updated by the also beyond their academic experience).
  • Produce the first Vietnamese Graduates Profile Survey  in the Vietnamese partner universities
  • Design of the first Vietnamese Graduates Job conditions Survey
  • Set up a qualified System of Vietnamese Graduates Placement
  • Produce the Best Practice guidelines & common learning for internship promotion and skill needs’ monitoring
  • Put the Baseline for Consortium of the Vietnamese Universities’ creation. Sustainability also implies the feasibility study for newcomers entrance; once adopted in the beneficiaries university the system, benefitting from the economy of scale of the pilot, can be more easily adopted by  newcomer university and advisable becoming a national initiative.  

Competence provision and capacity transfer stay as pillar project goal provided at all levels and to university staff from the administrative to the IT and researchers.