Voyage Project in Barcelona

On 25, 26 and 27 of May a research meeting, the steering committee and a dissemination event of the VOYAGE project was held at the University of Barcelona's premises.

The first day was dedicated to the research meeting, aimed at present the questionnaire developed within the project for carrying out the pilot Vietnamese graduates’ profile survey in the three Vietnamese partner universities. In addition to the development of the methodology for conducting the survey, the research day was focused on the related Quality Assurance Aspects in Vietnam. AlmaLaurea will work to transfer the know-how and good practices developed in its long-lasting experience, with the support of the European partner universities of Barcelona and Minho.

The second day saw the Project Steering Committee, a moment to share all aspects of management of the partnership with a focus on the future sustainability of the initiative in Vietnam.

May 27 saw the participation of the Voyage delegation to the annual meeting AECHE "Third Euro-Arab Conference on Higher Education"; an important moment of dissemination of the project Voyage to the Ministries and the Representatives of the Higher Education in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The Voyage delegation included high representatives, researchers, teachers, experts in education and labor market from the Vietnamese Universities and the association of enterprises Hanoi Industrial Park. Among them: Nguyen Dinh Luan, Rector of Hanoi university; Vu Van San, President of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Institute; Tran Anh Tuan, Vice-President of Hanoi Park.

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