Work Package 7: Sustainability

Sustainability actions capable of warranting continuity of activities and service provision well beyond project’ life. Sustainability implies actions to strive for the build up, in Vietnam, of  a national institutionalized infrastructure (e.g. universities consortium) capable of warranting continuity to the educational system monitoring and providing services to the entrepreneurial sector well beyond project’ life. At the scope, dissemination actions and events (as workshops, meetings, national and international conferences; print and diffusion of material ) will also carried out to sensitize universities and the academia, representatives of society and the business world in Vietnam  and beyond on projects’ relevance, results and impacts.

(Wp. Leader-Hanoi University-HANU)

Work Package 7. –Deliverables


  • 7.1. DB User-guide and Tutorial
  • 7.2. Business sustainability analysis
  • 7.3. System migration