Work Package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation

(Wp. Leader-University of Barcelona)

Main dissemination action to carry out: 1) Set up of the public official project web site with up-to-date information on the progress of project; 2) Project partners will schedule a dissemination agenda composed by workshops and meetings aiming at disseminating project results towards vietnamese Universities and outside the country. Numerous local meetings will be organized by the Universities aiming at disseminate the information with students and stakeholders as well as policy makers in order to improve the knowledge on the database advantages and potentialities; 3) Awareness campaigns will be developed from the starting to the end of the project, to boost project efficiency, including the following actions: 1) Preparation of dissemination material (Project Brochure and Poster); 2) Dissemination towards business representative associations, SMEs and big companies; 3) National awareness seminars addressing specific target user groups: students, graduates, university staff, professors; 4) Press briefing and articles in relevant magazines and publications (periodic press and newspapers); 5)Participation to International Conferences events and symposiums out of the project actions in order to improve the dissemination of the platform contents by poster sessions and/or panel presentations 6) Provision of the database user guide addressed to projects main stakeholders and beneficiaries (useful also for making the project sustainable beyond project life).


Work Package 6. –Deliverables

  • 6.1. Project Website Set Up
  • 6.2. Dissemination Plan
  • 6.3. Dissemination Events