Work Package 3: Platform Trials and Evaluation

(WP. Leader Hanoi University Hanu-Youth Union)

DB pilot system testing involves following stakeholders: Graduates as active subjects in feeding the database, manage CVs and update data under coordination of HANOI-Youth union association; CES, on behalf of associated companies, act as “buyers” of the e-recruitment services. Universities, will be in charge of providing “public contents” (graduate CVs). Firms and business organization involved will be provided with username and password for accessing the system and download CV according to their specific needs. At the end of the pilot, an ad hoc questionnaire to firms involved will be useful to evaluate system’ efficacy and collect suggestion for service’ ameliorating. Student's focus group, will involve at least 40 students in assessing DB system.

Assessment will focus on following aspects: 1) efficiency and usability (e.g. factors affecting user's access to information, as understanding, path finding, efficiency of use, storing capacity, error frequency and severity, subjective satisfaction); 2) benefits from DB development and use (users feeling towards system facilitation of recruitment, willingness to pay the service, satisfaction with the service also in comparison with similar local systems).


Work Package 3. –Deliverables